Conor Wants A Piece Of Justin After UFC 249

By Ben Hamill - May 13 2020

Conor Wants A Piece Of Justin After UFC 249

Saturday’s UFC 249 caused quite a bit of melodrama for some and an unexpected payday for others. Extensive travel bans leading up to Saturday’s fight between lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and scheduled opponent Tony Ferguson, eventually resulted in now-interim lightweight champ Justin Gaethje selected to stand in for Nurmagomedov due to the latter not having been able to make the trip from Russia to Las Vegas in the U.S.

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Gaethje, initially pegged as the underdog at +160, ended up beating Ferguson, resulting in a complete derail that saw some betters walk away with $160 for every $100 parted with in favour of their man Gaethje. Needless to say, those who put their money on firm-favourite Ferguson (-190), walked away significantly out of pocket, not to mention out of spirits.

And just to upset the wagon by another mile on the derail, Connor McGregor (no surprises there) badly wants to have a go at interim-man-of-the-hour Justin Gaethje.

Self-Entitled Conor McGregor

As to who the rightful honour of fighting Gaethje should be extended to, is a matter of opinion. McGregor, a firm believer in giving the fans what they want, would content that it is he who should get to have a stand-off with Gaethje. And when viewed from a purely populist point of view, he’s probably right. It was after all he who had stuck it to Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 when he earlier on this year knocked out cold his opponent in just 40 seconds, after a 15-month absence from the Octagon.

McGregor resorted to his old intimidation tactics trying to get into the head of Gaethje on the weekend, threatening to “butcher” his opponent should a fight opportunity present itself. He then went on to refer to Khabib as the biggest “bottle fighter” in the game, obviously ruffling more than just a few feathers in the process, as really only the Irishman can.

McGregor The Side-Act

Khabib and Gaethje are both managed by Ali Abdelaziz, and the man who ultimately gets to have the last word in has said in no uncertain terms that it will be his own two fighters who will be settling the score the next time the lightweight title train comes around. Abdelaziz apparently told sports broadcaster ESPN that McGregor, when in January presented with the opportunity to fight Gaethje, had chosen the coward’s way out by having picked the easier fight.

McGregor should focus instead on securing a side-act by fighting someone in the co-main event, added clearly-not-a-fan Abdelaziz.

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