Domi To Enter Into Pre-Season Waiting Period

By Ben Hamill - July 14 2020

Domi To Enter Into Pre-Season Waiting Period

Training camp for the National Hockey League’s long-awaited return gets underway on Monday, but Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi won’t be joining in – not immediately, in any event. Domi, who has Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease, a type of auto-immune compromising illness, will be sitting out for anywhere between 7 and 10 days before deciding whether he’ll be joining his teammates as they prepare for a late return-to-season, or not. Domi’s diabetes positions the star forward dead center at risk in terms of developing serious health complications should he fall ill with any form of communicable disease.

Domi this season alone scored 17 goals and 27 assists in a total of 71 games. The decision around the waiting period was made by Domi in consultation with his team and medical health support structure. 

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They’re Going To Mars

Training camp will in the meantime on Monday resume for all 24 NHL teams. The season is scheduled to get underway with a best-of-5 qualifying series early next month. August 1st will see Montreal play the Pittsburgh Penguins in Toronto.

There’s of course no telling what a season following a 142-day hiatus would even look like. Playoff games battled out in the middle of summer, and with no fans present in the stands, sounds like the most alien of ideas ever concocted. And yet, this is exactly where we are right now.

NHLPA special assistant Mathieu Schneider probably said it best when he commented that what is about to happen, is a whole lot like “going to Mars”. Mainly because it’s never been done before and we’re now headed there for the first time ever.

Stranger Days To Come

Whether or not this will be the year Tampa finally gets the push its so badly been needing in order to get ahead, or even whether playing at home will even this year matter to Toronto or Edmonton, remain to be seen.

It’s not as if the Oilers remaining in Edmonton and the Maple Leafs staying put in Toronto will this year come with the typical creature comforts associated with getting to “stay home”. Nobody really knows what the practical or even the mental consequences will be of literally living in a bubble for weeks on end.

Still, a weird and certainly strange season is better than no season at all.  The biggest challenge now is getting everyone safely tucked into their protective bubbles without any incident capable of derailing the entire thing.

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