Mattress Mack Goes All In On Kentucky Derby

By Ben Hamill - May 03 2021

Mattress Mack Goes All In On Kentucky Derby

Legendary furniture store owner and sports punter Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is back at it and making sports betting headlines once again – this time with plans to make a multimillion-dollar bet on horse racing’s Kentucky Derby.

If indeed the famous bettor were to place his record-breaking wager, he will have bet more than a sweltering $22 million sports events and tournaments since 2019. According to a social media post by the famous bettor on April 28, he intended on wiring a cool $4 million to Churchill Downs in anticipation of this past weekend’s big race, with at least half on race favourite Essential Quality.

In the event that the bet was placed as advertised by McIngvale, he will have wagered the largest bet in the history of the premium horse racing event. 

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Doing His Bit For The Industry

Not unlike most other bets wagered by “Mattress Mack”, the wager will have been hinged on the hedge of a Gallery Furniture store promotion, with McIngvale having promised a refund to anyone buying a mattress set of $3,000 or more if indeed the horse of his choosing would have won the race.

Admirable about McIngvale is that he promised to place his massive wager at the racetrack itself in order for the industry to reap maximum benefits. Despite having received special offers from several bookmakers across the country, the sports betting giant said he wanted to go where the money would be maximised the most in support of the larger ecosystem of the game.

His decision has in the meantime been praised by many, including Mary Maline, who is the executive director of the Kentucky Horsemen’s Benevolent Protective Association (KHBPA). Maline said there’s a world of difference between placing a $100 bet at a racetrack as opposed to wagering that same bet off-track as far as the amount of money ultimately going towards the purse.

The Mattress Mack Story

The 70-year-old first made the spotlight in 2019 after losing a giant $11.6 million bet on the Houston Astros in that year’s MLB World Series.

But the fact that that particular stunt would have cost him his bet, as well as a potential $19 million in profit, has obviously not deterred the passionate sports bettor from future endeavours. After losing another $2 million betting against the Kansas City Chiefs last year, he eventually turned his fortunes around earlier this year when he wagered an enormous $3.6 million on the likelihood of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl Las Vegas.

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