Markov Wants To Return “Home” To Montreal

By Ben Hamill - August 11 2019

Markov Wants To Return “Home” To Montreal

Russian national and NHL star-player Andrei Markov is a man on a mission. Markov left the Canadiens two years ago but has now set his hopes on making a return to Montreal. He hopes to be offered a 1- year contract by any NHL team, but said in a recent interview that returning “home” would be the absolute first prize.

The player initially left the bosom of Montreal after having failed to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with General Manager Marc Bergevin. Markov returned home to Russia after the failed agreement and spent the last two seasons playing in the KHL.

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Markov Loves Montreal

According to the player, he is in love with absolutely everything that has anything to do with the city, even the traffic and the poorly kept roads! But the fans and their tangible passion for hockey, says Markov, is what he loves the most. The fans create a special kind of atmosphere and this creates the surety that the crowd has your back, said the sport crazy Russian.

Markov was first drafted by Montreal in the 6th round back in 1998. During his time on contract with the Canadiens, he scored a stellar 119 goals and 572 points in a total of 990 super games played. But the 40-year-old is eager to round that figure up to the 1,000-mark milestone and says that being able to do so with the Canadiens positioned by his side will make the life-event to be even more special than what it would be playing for any other NHL team.

And what a milestone it would be! Only 5 other players have ever played 1,000 games for the Canadiens. They are Bob Gainey (1160), Larry Robinson (1202), Henri Richard (1258), Claude Provost (1005) and Jean Beliveau (1125).

He Badly Wants To Play

But says Markov, failing an offer from the Canadiens, he would definitely be willing to lend an ear to alternative NHL offers. The 40-year-old said that if Montreal did not come to the table with an offer, he would be open to accept a playing contract from another team. It’s obvious that at the end of the day, Markov just wants to be able to play. And who in their right mind would not feel the same way, being so close to the becoming a member of Montreal’s one-thousand-club.

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