Carlo LiVolsi Named Potential Wolfpack Buyer

By Ben Hamill - September 09 2020

Carlo LiVolsi Named Potential Wolfpack Buyer

Canadian entrepreneur Carlo LiVolsi has been named as the man looking to buy the financially struggling Transatlantic rugby club, the Toronto Wolfpack. Team officials reportedly days ago introduced LiVolsi to Rugby’s Super League as the intended new owner of the embattled club.

That which is known about LiVolsi is that he is the assumed founder of a company by the name of Wolf Grooming – which is the same company that in March last year signed on as the club’s official grooming product. LiVolsi is furthermore also listed as a director of Apollo Health Corporation.

Talk of possible new ownership started circulating shortly after the franchise stood down from Super Rugby earlier on this year, in July. At the time citing financial difficulties caused by the global health crisis, majority owner David Argyle confirmed that he was no longer able to carry the team financially and that he had as a result thereof decided to step away from the franchise.

Players have in the meantime confirmed that they have not been paid a salary since June 10.

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Argyle Will Pay Up - Eventually

According to Argyle, the team’s ownership group has since its inception invested some $30 million into the financially sinking ship. He has reportedly committed to settle all outstanding salaries once in a strong enough position to do so.

But apart from the club’s money woes, the players contracted to the club remain as committed to the team as ever before. Even though big-time players like Sonny Bill Williams and Ricky Leutele have in the meantime proceeded to sign loan deals for a successful 2020 season conclusion, both have reportedly indicated their willingness to return to the franchise upon its successful return to Super League rugby.

All Eyes On 2021

Wolfpack chairman and chief executive Bob Hunter has in the meantime expressed the hope that the future of the franchise can be resolved by the end of September.

And since the club had no other option but to withdraw from the 2020 season, and by no fault of the actual players themselves, Toronto Wolfpack head coach Brian McDermott says he hopes Super League officials will show bravery and compassion by deciding to allow the club to re-join the Super League competition in 2021.

McDermott however said in an open letter to players and fans that since the club has according to him managed to burn several bridges since their July withdrawal from the Super League, he remains nervous about the team’s reapplication.

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