London Western District Restart Live Races

By Ben Hamill - October 07 2020

London Western District Restart Live Races

After a long hiatus live horse racing is finally making a return to London’s Western District Fair in Ontario. Horse racing eventually returns to the popular premises this week – with live harness racing expected to thrill horse racing enthusiasts at The Raceway.

Kicked off on October 7, the new horse racing season will see to it that live races are run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The only difference to the usual schedule then, is that Tuesdays will no longer be in included in the weekly harness racing schedule at the London venue.

The reason for this is that removing Tuesday from the weekly schedule will give track managers and support staff a sufficient amount of time during which to disinfect and deep-clean the paddock area in-between the three weekly live events on the calendar.

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Calendar For The Rest Of Year

The relaunched season is set to continue all the way through December 31 – with weekly races as scheduled expected to run all the way through and without any further interruptions.

In addition to the mentioned weekly race-days, the Western Fair District Raceway will also host several more exciting live horse racing events at regular intervals.

Another change worth taking note of is that Friday live racing events will no longer fall into the typical 6:55 p.m. timeslot. Instead, from now on out, Friday live harness races will already get underway at the earlier timeslot of 6:15 p.m.  The new time slot is expected to simplify the logistics at play given certain other health protocols that have had to be implemented so as to ensure the sustainability of the events remaining on the calendar until the end of the year.

How It All Fits Together

In addition to a smoothing over of the logistics, the change will furthermore position The Raceway in such a way that the popular live horse racing venue will be in a position to align its own races with that of other prominent horse racing venues and tracks in the region.

For example, the October 9 Ontario Sires Stakes will pave the way for the Ontario Sires Stakes Super Finals at Woodbine Mohawk Park on October 17.

Horse racing fans will also be permitted to visit the Top of the Fair restaurant for the duration of the live racing season. Since physical distancing will be enforced, only 150 persons will be permitted to enter the eatery at any given point in time.

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