Kobe Bryant’s Death Shocks the Basketball World

By Ben Hamill - January 27 2020

Kobe Bryant

NBA star LeBron James was spotted weeping inconsolably on the tarmac at LAX after he and Kobe Bryant’s former teammates landed in Los Angeles. He’d just been informed that not only had the Basketball legend passed on, but that Bryant’s talented daughter Gianna and nine others had been killed as well.

The Lakers had just returned from Philadelphia when they received word of the tragedy, and the shocked players were visibly grieving when they arrived at Los Angeles International Airport. James was seen wiping tears away with a tissue after hugging a woman who had met the plane. He was then met by a man, who also tried to comfort him. James simply cried in his arms.

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A Tragic Event

Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter were killed along with seven others when their private Sikorsky S-76 helicopter crashed in thick fog near LA on Sunday morning. Tributes to the Basketball legend immediately started pouring in, and the disaster unfolded just 24 hours after James passed Bryant’s career total of 33 463 points and moved to third place on the All-Time NBA Score list. This list is something everyone from sports betting enthusiasts to avid fans keep tabs on, and getting anywhere near the top is an incredible achievement.

Bryant tweeted his congratulations to James hours before the terrible accident occurred, sending him a message describing how James was keeping the sport going forward and sending him respect for his accomplishment.

The crash happened at roughly 10 am on the 26th of January, when the helicopter collided with a Calabasas, California hillside with everyone on board. They were all on their way to Basketball practice near Los Angeles’ Thousand Oaks area.

Emergency personnel responded as quickly as they could, but there were no survivors.

A Life-Long Mentor 

James looked up to Bryant all through his childhood and paid homage to his hero by writing Mamba 4 Life on his sneakers when he broke the record, a reference to Bryant’s nickname, The Black Mamba.

Talking to ESPN, James said that seeing Bryant blaze his way onto the NBA courts straight out of high school was always a great inspiration. He spoke of using Bryant’s sports career to keep motivated when he felt his spirits dropping, saying that the legend had helped him long before even meeting him simply because of what he showed it was possible to do. Bryant as always a favourite with sports betting enthusiasts too, as when he was on the court a win was almost guaranteed.

James also spoke of seeing Bryant at ABCD camp and simply listening to what the player had to say, trying to soak up as much as he could. He said he still remembers one thing from that day, which is Bryant telling his young audience that the work should never stop.

It’s a tragic day for Basketball, and it is safe to say that Kobe Bryant and his amazing contribution to the sport won’t be forgotten.

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