Kim St-Pierre Joins Hall Of Fame 2020

By Ben Hamill - June 26 2020

Kim St-Pierre Joins Hall Of Fame 2020

Being a girl who wanted to play hockey was never easy going, says the most recent inclusion in Canada’s Hockey Hall of Fame. Even though the 1980s made no provision for girls’ hockey in Kim St-Pierre’s hometown of Chateauguay, Quebec, parents Andre and Louise had encouraged her to continue working on her goalkeeping game, remembers St-Pierre, who has just been named the first female goaltender to be included in the sport’s official Hall of Fame.

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But having had to constantly fight to be the best while playing among the boys shaped her into the person she would eventually become, says the star player, someone who doesn’t ever give up and is ready to step out onto the ice whenever the opportunity presents itself.

1998 Was A Big Year

St-Pierre’s initial venture into women’s hockey just so happened to coincide with the debut of women’s hockey at the Olympics. The year was 1998 and the Olympics the Winter Olympics. St-Pierre was playing for the McGill University Martlets at the time.

It was a crucial time in more ways than one, recalls the goalkeeping star. About to quit hockey for good, McGill University’s call to play ensured at least five more years of being able to play the sport, which ultimately proved a period that would successfully lead her head-on into the transition to the women’s game.

All of which did ultimately led Kim St-Pierre toward the ultimate dream, which was to one day play for Team Canada.

A Celebrated Career

What followed next would prove a series of decisions well made. The 41-year-old would eventually go on to become the country’s all-time points leader in games played (83), games won (64) and shutouts executed (29). During her 13 years playing for Canada’s national team, the champion goalkeeper managed to post a goals-against average of 1.17 along with a save percentage of .939. She was also three times named the Canadian Women’s Hockey League top goaltender.

Her inclusion in the Class of 2020 will hopefully educate fans about Kim’s many accolades. This being the wish of Canadian teammate and fellow goaltender Sami Jo Small. St-Pierre is often overlooked because of her quiet and reserved nature, said Small, and will now get the recognition she deserves.

As for Kim St-Pierre’s own personal message to all the young goalies, her advice is to never give up and to always keep playing hockey fun.

St-Pierre joins the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 alongside NHL legends Marian Hossa, Kevin Lowe, Doug Wilson and Jerome Iginla.

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