Live Races At Kawartha Downs Come June 6th

By Ben Hamill - May 19 2020

Live Races At Kawartha Downs Come June 6th

Great news is that live races will be returning to Kawartha Downs by as early as June 6. This following a preliminary approval granted by Ontario’s Provincial Government. Races will be live but on condition that no spectators will be invited to attend in person. Despite the caveat, those committed to the long-term sustainability of Ontario’s budding horse racing industry are delighted that at least some semblance of a return to “normal days” is now officially in the offing.

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The idea is to reopen the local economy by means of a phased and staggered approach. The horse racing industry was delighted following the recent announcement that the very first phase of reopening was to include a return to live horseracing, albeit without spectators physically present either around the track or in the stands. A June live races relaunch is regarded as “just in time” to save the industry and its workers.

Doing It Better Than Before

Kawartha Downs, in typical spirit, has announced that it is excited about the promise of an opportunity to once again transform all of Peterborough and its surrounding regions into every horse racing lover’s dream come true. The matter of large crowds being for the moment off-limits doesn’t appear to have dampened the spirits of locals at all – which is of course excellent news for the sustainability not only of the industry at large, but also of the Kawartha Downs horse racing brand.

The fact that definite changes are afoot must be respected. Staying at home and live-streaming races instead of large crowds congregating is a responsible new normal and will be the case for the foreseeable future. That horse racing is about to get back on track is a handsome payoff for a comparatively minute sacrifice on the part of the industry and its hundreds of thousands of loyal local fans.

Fewer Races – Same Excitement

Since the current season has been limited timewise, the initial 21 live races planned for Kawartha Downs for the year have been reduced to 17. Spectators should also be aware that even though a concession has been made for live horseracing to re-commence on June 6, the adjacent Shorelines Slots venue will remain off-limits for the duration of the first phase of re-opening.

All gambling venues and halls have been closed since mid-March so as to protect the industry’s workers and players. Kawartha Downs has in the meantime started offering temporary employment and a means to an income to those workers affected by the temporary closure of the slot machine venue.

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