Karim Mané Looking To Fast Track NBA Success

By Ben Hamill - April 01 2020

Karim Mané Looking To Fast Track NBA Success

Montreal South Shore resident Karim Mané cannot be accused of playing things by ‘the book’. The 19-year-old Saint-Hubert player last week declared himself eligible for the NBA’s 2020 draft. And while this does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary at face value, what makes Mané’s declaration a bold and newsworthy move, is the fact that he’s not just another young Canadian male gunning to make it into the NBA. Karim Mané, if successful at his unique NBA-bid, will have made it into the league fresh out of Quebec’s junior college system (CEGEP).

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It’s not as if the junior college scholar is aiming for stars unattainable either because Mané was scouted by professional NBA draft-pick teams during his time playing for the Vanier College Cheetahs.

Reaching For The Stars

If successful, Mané will truly have achieved what nobody ever has in the entire history of the National Basketball League. So unlikely is making a successful leap from junior college directly into the ranks of the NBA, that precious few players residing in Quebec even bother with sticking around in an attempt to make the jump. Players will either opt to make their way to the States or they will typically end up moving to Ontario and attending prep school. And this is for the biggest part why Mané says he chose to remain in Quebec. He has something to prove, after all.

Mané is however the first to admit that he did have help. Vanier College has over the years earned a reputation for being the school most likely to help springboard local players all the way into Division One NCAA basketball programs. Those who want a leg-up, know that playing for the Vanier College Cheetahs is just about the best way to go about it.

Determination Is Everything

Mané may seem overly ambitious in his quest to do what no one else before him has managed to make happen but according to long-time Vanier Cheetahs head coach Andrew Hertzog, the young player’s talent isn’t everyday – not by a long shot. Hertzog is quick to point out that in his 42-year-long coaching career, he’s only once or twice had the pleasure of coming across raw talent like Mané.

In fact, Hertzog isn’t convinced that he’s even come across a player with as steep a curve of development as that possessed by Karim Mané. As for the young player, even though he remains positively hopeful about hearing his name announced in the event that the NBA draft is able to go ahead as scheduled on June 25, not being picked certainly won’t deter him from reaching his dream. He’s determined to not only eventually make his way into the NBA, but also to serve as an example to his fellow Quebec players of what can be achieved with just the right amount of dedication and hard work.

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