Kaillie Humphries #17 On Sports Illustrated Fittest Athletes List

By Ben Hamill - January 16 2019

Kaillie Humphries #17 On Sports Illustrated Fittest Athletes List

16Local bobsledding icon Kaillie Humphries has made it onto the 2019 Sports Illustrated list of the top 50 fittest athletes in the world!

An expert panel of judges was chosen to compare a variety of different sports and sportspeople for the iconic sporting publication. The panel chose winning athletes based on their performances over the past twelve months, along with the physical demands of their respective careers.

Also taken into consideration was their power, speed, durability, training regimens, agility, strength, flexibility, and of course, their endurance. Humphries, who is a three-time Olympic champion and consecutive gold-medalist from Calgary, has ranked in 17th place among the female sportswomen on the list.

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Athlete Gets A Pleasant Surprise

Speaking about the victory in an interview last Sunday, Humphries said that she had no idea that the list compilation was happening, or that she was even in the running for a spot. In fact, she confessed that she only found out about it when her fans started to congratulate her en masse on Twitter.

It was a bit of a shock to start with, Humphries admitted to her interviewer in San Diego. However, she still thought that it was very cool to see and read about all of the other incredible sportspeople featured in the publication. Among them were gymnast Simone Biles in first place, and tennis legend Serena Williams at number 10.

According to Humphries, any time an athlete has anything to do with Sports Illustrated when it comes to actual sport is ‘really cool’, to quote her directly. However, in her eyes, to actually be among those athletes while knowing how hard they work and how much they have achieved is a ‘huge honor’.

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Dedication Maketh the Sportsperson

The common thread shared by all of the sportspeople who graced the list is incredible work ethic. Humphries says that it’s not about comparing yourself to others as much as striving to be the best possible version of yourself. She achieves this by optimizing her diet, sleep patterns, exercise and training regimes, as well as regularly treating herself to the therapy she needs.

Those listed put health and fitness into everything they do, the Calgary native explained. She hailed the list for taking into account the athletes as a whole and painting a ‘complete picture’ of exactly what it means to be fit.

Humphries is currently on a break from bobsledding, but she still works out six days a week and works on areas of improvement regularly. Her diet is tailored to her physical needs and contains plenty of protein, fat and veggies, and she always drinks as much water as possible, too. Last but not least, she does indulge in a cheat day once a week to keep herself motivated!

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