Jennifer Jones Makes Career-Defining Shot

By Ben Hamill - December 13 2018
Jennifer Jones Makes Career-Defining Shot

“Oh really? That’s kind of cool.” This was the response offered by four-time Canada Cup curling champion Jennifer Jones after having been informed that she had just made one of the best shots of her career, as well as having secured a new record of being tied with Kevin Martin for the most Canada titles.

Jones, a 44-year old curling champion renowned for her keen sense of sportsmanship and humble outlook on life, recently made ends meet in a big way when she performed an incredible long runback double take-out that resulted in team Jones having achieved a 8-5 advantage at Affinity Place in Estevan, after having faced a possible steal of one.

And this all after having been tied 5-5 in the ninth end against Winnipeg’s Team Kerri Einarson. The shot gave Team Jones the confidence that they had been looking for and resulted in their running Team Einarson out of the water in the 10th end.

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A Difficult Shot But Worth The Risk

Commenting on the sterling shot, Jones described it has having been worth the risk. The team had counted the cost of being up against a challenge that could ultimately result in preventing them from scoring two and winning the game. Jones said that she had realised the risk involved with the daring shot, and that in spite of the fact that it looked really good the moment it left her hand, she and the team knew that it was going to be a very close call indeed.

As it turns out it was all worth it in the end as the shooter stuck around and secured a really superb shot.

It’s All About The Leader

Commenting on her new personal record of a shared tally with Kevin Martin for the most Canada titles, Jones said that she actually could not remember how many titles Team Jones had secured. She said that this made for a special coming together of special moments, especially since she was now headed towards the end of her career.

According to Jones, part of the fun was not keeping track. It makes for a pleasant surprise when the realisation of just how many records were broken and special moments achieved hits. Jones related that in her experience, it was only at that moment, when it all came together and formed the making of a stunning professional career.

Jones has always been full of praise for her team, but according to Jocelyn Peterman, who is now in her first year with Team Jones, it’s all Jen, and the rest of the team is just happy to ride along on the wave of success.

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