Indiana Encouraged to Legalize Betting

By Ben Hamill - October 29 2018


Since the US Supreme Court’s May ruling to abolish a long-time federal ban on sports betting in America, state after state has begun to legalize the profitable industry under their own sets of rules.

Lawmakers are also continuing to investigate what legal betting could bring to their domains, with several states like New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and Mississippi already offering such services to locals. Most recently, a committee in the state of Indiana completed a review of sports betting and its potential benefits, and has strongly recommended that the state consider legitimizing the industry in 2019.

An Indiana-based legislative study committee unanimously agreed that the 2019 General Assembly should begin to consider making betting on professional and college sporting events lawful. The state’s lawmakers noted that thirteen local casinos would likely be the primary locations for these services, although two off-track betting venues could also be up for consideration.

Mobile Services a Priority Too

As well as land-based options, the committee urged, Indiana should also focus on offering mobile sports betting opportunities. The majority of the Interim Study Committee on Public Policy members of the General Assembly was reportedly in approval of mobile wagering services via application.

Online gambling is already very popular in the state, as players have had access to mobile and desktop horse racing for a while now. Furthermore, punters can also use their smartphones and tablets to place bets at the state’s many casinos – so a move towards betting would not be a big step for the region.

Gaming Laboratories International’s Vice President of Government Relations, Kevin Mullally, has noted that mobile wagering is a ‘logical option’ for most US states as an expansion of their current gaming services, as it provides customers with much more choice. The industry-testing firm is anticipating seeing many more states offering these mobile services, of course using specialized technology to ensure that only adults can play.

IGC Ready to Legitimize Wagering

Repeated password checks, video verification, and other high-tech security systems are used to ensure that only those of age can place bets using their mobile devices. Mullally has also suggested that legislators could require betting accounts to be set up in-person at any local casino, using photo ID and a verified bank account to avoid underage player issues.

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) is now ready to add sports betting to its list of legal services, so long as lawmakers are willing to legalize it. The organization has already had an analysis of the industry done, shedding more light on the potential benefits and risks it could bring to the state. The study, conducted by Eilers and Krejcik Gaming, revealed that in the space of 5 years, both physical and mobile wagers could bring in an extra $256 million each year.

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