Bo Horvat Ready To Take the Reigns

By Ben Hamill - September 09 2019

vancouver canucks logo

The Vancouver Canucks are currently sans captain, but 24-year-old Bo Horvat says that if the stars were to so decide, he is able and willing to take on the responsibility of wearing the “C” on his attire. It would require no more than a tap on the shoulder, said Horvat recently at the NHL/NHLPA North American Player Media Tour.

Team Canucks has been going about its NHL business without an official captain ever since twin brothers Henrik (C) and Daniel Sedin retired last season. But even so, said the young player, even just to be considered to play for the Canucks is an enormous responsibility and privilege. He minced no words making it abundantly clear that he was not only available for the pick but also for the role of captain and leader.

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Someone To Lean On

Horvat certainly did have some pretty awesome examples and teachers throughout the course of his (albeit short) career so far. According to the young player, it’s important to not allow the position to go to one’s head, but to simply be the kind of leader that others are able to lean and rely on.

The Canucks aren’t the only NHL team currently without a captain. Others include the Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators and the Golden Knights. They count among a total of 7 teams currently without an official leader. This may not be the be all and end all, said Horvat, but its nice to know that there’s a guy to lean on and someone to set the tone. In the long run, said Horvat, having a collective voice in the persona of a captain is important for any sports team.

Patience Is A Virtue

Horvat is no stranger to knowing what it feels like to have to hang around waiting for life-changing news. He spent a considerable length of time doing just that following his having come out of his entry level deal with Vancouver.

But his patience paid off when the Canucks eventually came through in a big way with a 6-year US$33 million extension deal. The only thing that remains now in terms of a promotion is the position of captain. If Horvat were to seal that particular deal, all his Vancouver Canucks dreams will have come true.

Horvat is a consistent player and has throughout his career achieved a break-out season of his own by having added 27 goals, 34 assists and 61 points to his own personal scoreboard.

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