Record Woodbine Thoroughbred Hi-5 Jackpot

By Ben Hamill - August 09 2020

Record Woodbine Thoroughbred Hi-5 Jackpot

This coming Thursday promises a strong start to making up for a long absence of horse racing action at Woodbine Entertainment. The Woodbine Thoroughbred Jackpot Hi-5 promises not only the thrill of the ultimate sort of return, but also a guaranteed jackpot payout of an incredible CA$268,052.47.

Since the jackpot has been growing steadily ever since July 21, it’s now being carried over in the form of a guaranteed jackpot-fall, with one super lucky winner about to bag the incredible cash prize for his- or herself. If the idea was to make this coming weekend a truly memorable one, then Woodbine Entertainment certainly has succeeded in its mission.

What’s more, the incredible jackpot obviously sets the pace for a truly riveting race-weekend.

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About Hi-5 Jackpots

How the jackpot competition works is that Thoroughbred horse racing enthusiasts will be required to identify the 5 horses they predict will finish in the top 5 positions. But identifying the top finishers isn’t enough, because those hoping to bag the incredible prize money will also have to accurately place the finishers in exact finishing order. Those who manage to accurately predict the horses as well as the finishing order, will then become eligible to win the jackpot.

Since the jackpot can only be one by a single ticketholder, there will be no sharing of the prize money. The last time the Jackpot Hi-5 was won, was on December 15 last year. And needless to say, thanks to several carry-overs, the money has accumulated and gained traction since then.

A Happy June Resume

The current live horse racing season officially restarted on June 5. Horse racing enthusiasts and horse people alike are relieved as well as elated at being “back” and part of the action once more. Live horse racing at Woodbine Mohawk Park resumed on the Friday, and live racing at Woodbine Racetrack resumed on the Saturday directly after.

Racing at both venues resumed with strict health-and-safety protocols firmly in place, and spectators are still not in a position to attend in-person at the side of the track. Only essential personnel are permitted on site, as these are the people administering the actual races and taking care of the horses.

Woodbine Entertainment has also in the meantime launched its long-awaited new Dark Horse race-engagement app. The app provides fans with a world of new insights and strategies aimed at making smarter bets. The app also allows users to live-stream all races run at Woodbine.

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