Buffalo Sabres Sign Taylor Hall In $8M Deal

By Ben Hamill - October 14 2020

Buffalo Sabres Sign Taylor Hall In $8M Deal

They’ve been called everything from moribund to the NHL’s biggest disaster. But the Buffalo Sabres are hoping to soon turn all of that around – and they’re banking on an US$8 million deal involving the sweepstakes signing of former New Jersey Devils and Arizona Coyotes champion goal-scorer Taylor Hall to make it happen.

Even though signed for a single year only, Hall’s joining the struggling franchise does offer much relief in terms of a sudden jolt of credibility following their having this year missed the playoffs for a shocking nine years in a row.

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Signing Hall A Step Forward

Hall joining the Sabres is a cause for huge excitement, said General Manager Kevyn Adams of the major sign, and certainly a massive step forward. Even so, said Adams, the franchise remains in a position of having to prove themselves worthy of being taken seriously. This will require daily progress and improvement, explained the GM.

The Sabres is the fourth team to have signed Hall since his 2010 No. 1 draft-pick by Edmonton. And as for why Hall even as much as considered agreeing to join the struggling franchise for however long a time, it’s become increasingly more apparent that second-year coach Ralph Krueger has been playing a deciding role in it all. That, and playing alongside captain Jack Eichel.

What probably helped Hall make up his mind is also Buffalo’s close proximity to his Toronto-home – that, and of course the fact that the Sabres were willing to sign the goal-scorer for a 12-month period. This will allow Hall to keep open his free agency options for the following season.

Hall: Anything Can Change

But the practicalities aside, Hall clearly believes in hockey’s tendency to turn tables. He during a video call on Monday explained his decision to become party to the US$8 million deal by elaborating some on his own personal views of the team he’s just joined and also on the sport in general.

Highlighting as an example Colorado, Hall pointed out that nobody would three years ago have even dared imagine the franchise becoming the No. 1 NHL destination. The trick is to have a few “elite pieces” under the hood, said Hall, something he obviously believes to be true of Buffalo. The trick is apparently to look past the smoke and the stuff that’s been plaguing the franchise over the last number of years.

Hall is a 10-year veteran and 2018 NHL Most Valued Player. He was the top available forward at the time of the NHL’s free agency opening last week.

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