Google Lawsuit Welcomed Despite U.S. Agenda

By Ben Hamill - October 22 2020

Google Lawsuit Welcomed Despite U.S. Agenda

The U.S. government has launched an antitrust pre-election litigation war on search and tech giant Google. And though such a move certainly indicates a new willingness on government’s part to take action against big-tech monopolies, many seem to consider government’s sudden motion to be nothing more than the Trump administration siding with a general public growing ever more dissatisfied with the autocratic power many tech titans clearly enjoy. And since the U.S. presidential election is but a little over a week away, the timing certainly does seem just a little uncanny.

But timing and the hidden pre-election agendas of governments and politicians aside, that the general public is growing ever more frustrated, disenchanted, and fed up with the apparently limitless controlling power of big-tech titans such as Google and Facebook, is no secret or farce. So much so, that several countries – including Canada – have either pledged action or taken action against one or more of them.

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Seeking Dominance At Any Cost

What irks the general public most about especially Google and Facebook are increasing feelings of a general loss of control over personal preference and privacy. And advertising makes up a huge part of all of that, with both Google and Facebook having repeatedly been called out for everything from gatekeeping to facilitating the swaying of national elections.

This week’s U.S. lawsuit focuses specifically on Google’s alleged advertising monopoly. The sobering realisation that Google controls up to 90 per cent of all searches and adverts posted aside, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) says it takes issue with Google having allegedly resorted to questionable means to obtain and hold onto market dominance.

This Is What Insiders Are Saying

To say that the views held by especially the U.S. public are supported by many who have actually worked inside the companies being accused of stifling competition by engaging in harmful exclusionary practises, is an understatement.

Former Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos, who now openly speaks of the control and monopoly exerted by a group of corporate entities made up of big-media companies, public utilities, and internet giants, is no voice in the wilderness. According to Stamos, he speaks from personal experience when making reference to tech and internet titans occupying a no man’s land that forms a bridge between public utilities and media companies sitting pretty in big profits.

His is a view shared by many – and screamed from the rooftops in the past by many more. If nothing else, what this week’s opening of a nefarious door by the DOJ will hopefully achieve, is a shift in how governments think they may or may not respond to growing concerns over the unbridled power yielded by internet powerhouses likely to resort to just about any means to show a profit.

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