Google Education Team Heads For Sudbury

By Ben Hamill - April 15 2019

Google’s Grow Initiative On Its Way To Sudbury

According to Aaron Brindle, a spokesperson for Google Canada, at least 50% of Canadian businesses do not have an online presence. Many estimate this figure to be even higher and 50% to be a conservative estimation. Grow with Google, an initiative run by the search engine giant, wants to create new opportunities for businesses all over the country by helping to educate people about how to grow their businesses online.

A team commissioned by the initiative will on April 12 be at Science North in Sudbury, ready and able to provide guidance to local small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Geography No Longer A Factor

Brindle also pointed out that geography no longer has to play any kind of role in market reach. If a business owner is equipped with the necessary know-how as to how to leverage digital tools, it will achieve success, no matter what its perceived limitations. Brindle said that this is exactly what is currently taking place in Sudbury, and that the aim is to empower more businesses to follow suit.

Mayor Brian Bigger is grateful for the opportunity and said in a statement that the information session will be presented in the form of a day-long seminar that will include a hands-on workshop. The aim, wrote Bigger, is to enable people to grow and to thrive in the current economy.

It’s quite a mind-altering idea to consider that, as pointed out by Brindle, even the smallest business in Sudbury is able to attract a world-wide customer base, just as long as its online presence is developed to its full potential.

Empowering Businesses Is Key

Brindle said that what drew the attention of the initiative towards Sudbury in the first place was  the fact that some very interesting business initiatives were taking place online already. It was important to Google to honour the pro-active approach displayed by the local businesses and to enable people to really make the most of what is available to them in terms of digital space and reach.

Science North, to name but a single example, has grown their online presence to such an extent that it attracts hundreds of thousands of online visitors to its website. Roughly 200,000 visitors frequent the site’s homepage each year.

A Google team will also be paying a visit to Alexander Public School, where they will introduce Grade 5 and Grade 6 learners to the world of coding.

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