Next Triple Crown Stop – Prince Of Wales

By Ben Hamill - July 06 2019

Next Triple Crown Stop – Prince Of Wales

The 160th Queen’s Plate trophy is in the bag and the honour of winning this historical event this year went to 3-year old Thoroughbred One Bad Boy. The horse, jockeyed by Flavian Prat, finished in 1st position ahead of a field of 13 other competitors at the iconic Woodbine Racetrack.

But as any Thoroughbred horseracing fan will point out, the Queen’s Plate was only the start. Two other races form part of the Triple Crown too, and these remain to be run. The second event, namely the Prince of Wales race, will take place on July 23rd. It’s anyone’s guess whether One Bad Boy will be able to pull off a back-to-back win.

Irrespective of what happens on July 23, One Bad Boy’s name will go down in history as the horse that won the 160th Queen’s Plate; North America’s longest running race of all time. Not bad going for One Bad Boy’s very first venture outside of the state of California.

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Behold The Prince of Wales

The next stop is Fort Erie. One Bad Boy will have the opportunity to not only prove himself to be more than a “one hit wonder” but also to move one step closer towards possibly winning all three Triple Crown events.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission have announced that it has made available a special bonus award as an additional incentive. An extra CA$500,000 in bonus prize money will be awarded to whoever wins all three Triple Crown events.

What Happened To Skywire?

One Bad Boy may be a firm favourite having won the Queen’s Plate, but there are many other promising contenders all hoping feverishly for a positive outcome. One of the horses that managed to surprise its owners as well as its many fans during the Queen’s Plate race is a 3-year old by the name of Skywire. In fact, Skywire was identified as one of the race-favourites to win the Queen’s Plate. His 11th place position was to many a definite indication that something had gone very wrong during the race.

Skywire’s competing in the remaining two races has not yet been confirmed.

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