Record-Setting Raffle In Memory Of Joey Moss

By Ben Hamill - November 24 2020

Record-Setting Raffle In Memory Of Joey Moss

An incredible $991,800 has been raised for the benefit of a memorial fund created by Edmonton’s Winnifred Stewart Association in honour of long-time Edmonton Oilers and EE Football Team locker room attendant the late Joey Moss. The Winnifred Stewart Association, which is based in Edmonton, helps people with disabilities to live full and rewarding – and most importantly, connected – lives via a variety of programs and initiatives.

The record-setting raffle smashed the previous record set by Edmonton during a game against the Ottawa Redblacks. The July 2017 game managed to raise an impressive $871,839.

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Helping Others – Even In Death

Half of the money raised by the 50/50 raffle will go to the holder of the winning raffle ticket, and the other half will be donated to the Winnifred Stewart Association.

To actually see record-breaking funding being raised in support of a good cause is truly inspiring, said Winnifred Stewart Association CEO Sue Gilchrist of the phenomenal amount of money raised. The portion of the money received by the association will according to Gilchrist be used to create employment opportunities for those living with disabilities – and will be deemed in honour of Moss, who had Down syndrome. Moss died in October. He was 57.

Remembering A Remarkable Man

Joey Moss lived a remarkable life, said Gilchrist. Exceptionally blessed by the opportunities that had come across his own path, Moss went all out showcasing his abilities and contributions made to society to the rest of the world. By doing so, the Edmonton legend completely changed people’s perspective regarding the employment of someone living with a disability. Employing a disabled person can make a world of difference not only to that person, but also to everyone around them, and Moss was living proof of exactly that.

Moss joined the Oilers as locker room attendant back in 1984 and would two years later go on to joining the Edmonton Football Team also. He ultimately held both positions for more than 30 years, and in so doing, became a favourite local sports personality among players as well as fans.

He was in 2012 awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for his contributions to the community and to sport, and finally in 2015 got inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. Moss was also one of the original students at Winnifred Stewart Association, which association had 67 years ago started out as a school.

However, Moss’ memory is eventually memorialised, said Gilchrist, whether by statue or by the naming of a building, what is important is that his legacy lives on and the difference he made with his life always remembered so that he may inspire others to do the same.

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