Calgary Goalie’s Wacky Weird Ritual

By Ben Hamill - October 16 2019

Yes, we will have our lucky charms or rituals. Very few gamblers don’t. And yet, it remains a wonderfully serendipitous occasion when we get to feast our sport-hungry eyes on the preferred rituals of our heroes. Consider for example the good luck ritual followed by Calgary Flames goalie and top protector of the net David Rittich.

Some may turn a blind eye due to the efficacy of Rittich’s quaintly peculiar little pre-match ritual. Others call it out as being masochistic. But whatever your opinion on the netminder’s insistence that he be bashed twice on the head with the puck by his goalie coach before any given game, it certainly seems to work a charm for Calgary’s Number 1 goalie.

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There’s Method To It All

It’s not the pucking that raises eyebrows, but rather the mode of transference of the good luck charm. It’s not good enough for goalie coach Jordan Sigalet to walk up to Rittich and like a semi-decent human being knock him two over the head with a solid object. In order for Rittich to believe in his own capabilities as the stopper of the puck, Sigalet must literally shoot the puck twice off the head of Calgary’s goal-minder.

And obviously with a puck being a puck and all that typical near misses entail on slippery launch pads, it often requires as many as 6 or 7 attempts on the part of Sigalet in order to hit his target not once, but twice. Before two’s a charm, says the goalie coach, there’s no getting rid of Rittich from the sideboard and no getting on with every morning’s practice.

Because yes, this is a daily occurrence.

2 Years Is A Long Time

Not that anyone’s about to lodge a complaint about Rittich’s offbeat way of ensuring success. He is after all making life a great deal sweeter for the team in general. And as for Sigalet, he’s only too happy to report that his overall aim has improved; and quite significantly so. Its after all not everyday that one gets to do a bit of Tell-ing about in true Calgary style.

He had better be good at it too, for the sake of game and practice-time. Rittich is after all going to be hanging about in camp Calgary for the next two years. And if things carry on in current fashion, then Sigalet may have to eventually train a successor on the pucking-it-up front.

Talk about a wild head swing.

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