Kim Ng Becomes The First Female GM In The MLB

By Ben Hamill - November 16 2020

Kim Ng Becomes The First Female GM In The MLB

Baseball stalwart Kim Ng has become the first female General Manager in the history of the MLB when she was named the new GM of the Miami Marlins. Ng previously served in the role of Senior Vice President of Baseball operations for the MLB. Following her latest appointment, she is now officially the highest-ranking woman in the operations of the major leagues.

Ng has 30+ years of experience to show for her time spent serving the MLB to date. Before being appointed a senior vice-president in the MLB nine years ago, she spent a total of 21 years in the front offices of the Chicago White Sox, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the New York Yankees.

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A World Of Firsts For Kim Ng

Ng, which is pronounced “Ang”, is the fifth person to hold the very top position within the ranks of the Miami Marlins. She succeeds former Miami Marlins GM Michael Hill, who was not offered a renewal of contract for one more term.

Ng’s appointment has since Friday’s announcement gone viral – with race and gender in sports expert at the University of Central Florida, Richard Lapchick, describing the news to be the makings of the most newsworthy day for baseball since 1947. That year saw professional baseball player Jackie Robinson finally smash through the colour barrier by becoming the first African American to play in the MLB in the modern era of the sport.

Kim Ng’s own crashing through the glass ceiling represents not only a victory for woman, but also for Asian Americans. 51-year-old Ng is also baseball’s first-ever Asian American GM.

100% Deserving – But “Honoured”

Miami’s newest GM on Friday described the appointment as the highest honour of her 30-year-long career in the MLB.

When she first got into the business of major league sport, said Ng via a post-appointment statement, it seemed unlikely a woman would ever be named to lead a major league team. She however back then already decided to persist in a determined and unwavering manner so as to achieve her personal goals. And now that she’s done exactly that, Ng said her new goal is to finally being championship baseball to Miami.

Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter, himself a breaker of a longstanding glass ceiling when in 2017 he became the sport’s first Black chief executive, said he looked forward to the new Marlins GM bringing a world of experience and knowledge gained at championship level to the major league franchise.

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