FanDuel Launches Alexa-Based Sports Betting App

By Ben Hamill - October 09 2018

FanDuel Launches Alexa-Based Sports Betting App

Online sportsbook FanDuel has just become the first brand to launch an app that can be accessed and used on Alexa. The function has definitely been brought to the Amazon Echo, and may also extend to other products.

Pick 6 Wagers

At the moment, FanDuel has only made its Pick 6 product available on the Echo. Bettors will be able to tell Alexa to open the bookmaker app and place bets on whatever the current Pick 6 offer is. Pick 6 requires 6 predictions to be made about Sunday and Monday NFL games.

On Monday 2 October, for example, bettors had to answer 6 questions related to the match-up between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. For the first time, these were posed by the virtual assistant as well as on the conventionally accessed site.

Questions included whether Kansas City would score in each quarter, and whether Emmanuel Sanders of the Broncos would pick over 100 yards. While Sanders only caught 5 receptions to pick up 45 yards in total, the Chiefs were able to score in each quarter and won the game 27-23. Bettors who answered all Pick 6 questions correctly were entered into a $1000 daily fantasy sports free roll.

Additional Products are Expected

Now that the first betting option has been launched on Alexa, it is anticipated that many more will follow. Like other areas of technology, online sportsbooks continue to develop at an exponential rate. The speed of the mobile revolution has far exceeded the original Internet explosion of the 1990s, and the virtual assistant’s integration into daily life is expected to be even faster.

As well as the technology developing further, improvements in the legal status of sports wagering should help Alexa’s supported apps. This is especially true in the United States. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was only repealed in May 2018, but many states have already launched their own regulations. Insiders say that within the next year, many more will follow.

With the bookmaker industry worth over $150 billion in annual revenue, it’s not surprising that so many states are eager to get their piece of the pie. Now, that doesn’t only include desktop- and handset-based stakes. More FanDuel products are likely to be accessible on Alexa soon, along with several other sportsbooks. The day that all predictions can be made this way, if bettors prefer, is surely not far off.

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