FanDuel And fuboTV Announce New Deal

By Ben Hamill - June 06 2019

FanDuel And fuboTV Announce New Deal

Now that sports betting has been legalised in the US, there is seemingly no end to the potential for new and exciting business and partnership opportunities. The latest news is this department is that fuboTV, which is popular live sports streaming service, has sealed a deal with popular fantasy sports and sports betting operator FanDuel. The agreement, confirmed the pair, is of a two-fold nature. One leg of the deal will see FanDuel’s betting date be ported onto fuboTV’s platform, and the other will make available FanDuel’s highly popular horse racing channels; TVG and TVG2; to fuboTV’s streaming community.

It’s a first of its kind media deal and content carriage agreement between the pair, and will, according to the information provided by fuboTV, be rolled out live in New Jersey first. At a later stage, it hopes to integrate FanDuel’s data in its broadcasts to other states where betting is legal too.

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It’s An Exclusive Offering

The pair has also confirmed that the deal is of an exclusive nature. What this means is that FanDuel has been signed up as fuboTV’s official betting partner, and that no other service providers or operators will be procured for the provision of data for the duration of the contract. The contract also establishes FanDuel as the official advertising partner.

Over-the-top streaming services are valuable entertainment commodities in the US, and this is the first time that the aforementioned type of service has entered into a deal of this nature with a sports book operator. With that having been said, it makes perfect sense that the two services should be integrated as such in a way that sees the one complement the other.

Two Channels Up First

As a result of the geo-restrictions with regards to legalised betting in the various states, FanDuel’s data will initially only be available on two of fuboTV’s channels, namely fubo Network and fubo Cycling. Practically, this implies that the data will only be made available for cycling, soccer and horse racing. Given that fuboTV runs a total of 95 premium sports channels, this appears to be somewhat limited in scope. But the pair has confirmed that extended add-ons will soon be brokered and data made available to more of fuboTV’s channels.

The entertainment duo has not yet revealed any more in-depth details about the deal.

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