England Football Team Donates World Cup Winnings

By Ben Hamill - September 02 2018

The 2018 English World Cup football team has gained a strong following. They performed well, and even managed to hold it together all the way to the semi-finals. Defeat was eventually suffered at the hands of Croatia and they didn’t manage to bring it home, but most would agree that their performance was an admirable one. Plus, it need not be mentioned that Harry Kane landed the esteemed Golden Boot award. For the uninitiated, this is not a boot made of gold, but instead an award in recognition of outstanding skill on the field. However, if you thought professional footballers were perhaps a little overpaid, and maybe a bit too much time was spent rolling around on the pitch to earn that income, you may just eat those words. It turns out that the English football team has donated their pay for the World Cup to charities. A generous act well worth a bit of recognition and applause. Let’s take a closer look. Read More On Online Casino News... Microgaming Unveils New Break Da Bank Again Respin Slot

Worthy Charities

If you’re still not impressed, and feel that maybe a zero or two could be taken off the pay checks without too much of a fuss, keep in mind that the English football team has been donating their international pay checks to charity, consistently, since 2007. A bit more impressive when you take this little fact into account. To put it another way; not one player on the team received any pay for their time spent playing at the World Cup. It was all 100% free.
The English football team has been donating their international pay checks to charity, consistently, since 2007
But where do all their earnings go, you’re asking? The English Footballers Foundation, also known as the EFF, was created with the specific intention of distributing these donations. After being founded in 2007, it has carefully distributed the funds to a number of causes. These include the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK, and Rays of Sunshine. The Help For Heroes foundation, and The British Forces Foundation also receive funds, both of which are focused on offering help to war veterans. To put it more into perspective, around £5 million has been raised since the foundation was established in 2007. Furthermore, this money was raised via the donations of around 300 English football players over this period of time. English World Cup squad

How Much?

It should be kept in mind that any team that wins the World Cup is granted a massive bonus. Around $38 million, to be exact. Our generous team did not win, so it was not this sort of money they handed over. But what was the amount handed over? The exact amount is a little up in the air, given that different teams earn different amounts, depending on the country, and how the winnings are shared. But it is safe to say, for a major international game, each player earned at least £54,000. Or, gave it to charity in this case.

Getting In On The Glory

In an interesting turn of events, striker for the French team Kylian Mbappé proudly took to Twitter to declare that he was donating his fees to charity. The move, although very charitable and certainly worth commendation, left him more than a little red faced. Why? Because a Tweet from Gary Lineker responded to the announcement, pointing out that the entire English football team had been doing exactly the same for 11 years. There was no response, or offer for the rest of the French team to likewise donate their fees to any charities. Of course, any charitable act deserves some applause. But imagine the difference if all football teams likewise found similar generosity, and gave at least a portion of their pay to charities in their countries.