Maple Leaf’s Re-Acquires David Clarkson

By Ben Hamill - July 28 2019

Maple Leaf’s Re-Acquires David Clarkson

Toronto has officially re-acquired forward David Clarkson, a man at the receiving end of a notoriously hefty contract. What’s more, the Maple Leafs was willing to trade off goaltender Garret Sparks for the privilege of a welcome back shout-out to the former Las Vegas Golden Knights player. Not that Clarkson is in any way a stranger to the Leafs. When Toronto first acquired Clarkson, he made for a disappointing addition to the team and managed to score only 15 goals and muster up 11 assists over the course of two entire seasons.

In 2016 Clarkson suffered a career-damning injury and hasn’t played competitively since. But Toronto had previously signed a 7-year contract with the forward; a contract that is only now entering its 7th and final year.

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Clarkson Leafs’ Worst Decision

Toronto has been rubbing shoulders with its fair share of injured players and the entire thing appears to have lately escalated beyond control. Clarkson, in particular, has been described as one of the worst contracts to be signed by the Maple Leafs – ever. The $37.75 million deal is considered by many to be the first of the alarm bells that should have alerted Toronto that something just wasn’t right.

Clarkson enjoyed a brief spat of success whilst playing for the New Jersey devils for but a time and a half in 2011-2012. Whether this was in actual fact a fluke or a matter of Clarkson having been for a time among men expertly able to bring out the best in a player now described as one hardly able to stitch two moves together on the ice is anyone’s guess.

Expensive Lesson Learnt

Toronto is obviously finds its only peace in the fact that year number 7 is drawing ever nearer and that soon, David Clarkson will be to the Leafs no more than the proverbial school fees, albeit a small fortune in mistake-money.

At least there’s always the matter of “once bitten, twice shy”. The best that any Toronto fan can now hope for is that the one bite was bad enough to scare management into a place of paranoid over-thinking all future decisions so as to avoid a repeat.

Until then, paying up for past mistakes David Clarkson-style will be the ever-present constantly rotating thorn in Toronto’s side.

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