Laing & Jones’ Return To Curling Results In a Win

By Ben Hamill - September 30 2020

Laing & Jones’ Return To Curling Results In a Win

After a long break from the ice, Canada’s favourite curling couple are back. Brent Laing and Jennifer Jones have made a triumphant return, winning the doubles event at Waterloo’s KW Granite Curling Club.

The freshness of brand new ice, playing alongside his wife and partner, being able to return to the game that’s without fail supported him through life’s ups and downs – these were just some of the thoughts and emotions running through curling champion Brent Laing’s mind as he put his arm around wife Jennifer Jones’ shoulders following the couple’s recent doubles curling victory.

But they knew they were about to ace their first title back on the ice after a long break not exactly of their own choosing or doing, says Laing whilst reminiscing about that special moment just before the final rocks were about to be thrown. The time had finally arrived to simply stand alongside his wife and take in the full magnitude of the moment.

At it had been exactly in that moment, says Laing, that he told his wife that he still “like(s) this game”.

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Jen Played Perfect Curling

Of wife Jen, Laing appeared beaming with pride, saying that she played every first shot perfectly. Curling is supposed to be fun, but also, nobody likes to lose, said the doubles curling champion of the couple’s fantastic start to the new season.

But the 2014 Olympic champion says she surprised even herself by how well she had managed to play after so long a time away from the game. In fact, so perfect a performance did the couple deliver, that Jones said she considered the game one of the couple’s best days ever playing mixed doubles. And it’s a performance made all the more phenomenal by the fact that it had been 201 days since anyone last stepped onto the ice to play competitive curling.

Everything Has Its Time

Laing and Jones say even though they missed the ice during their extended absence, they wouldn’t trade the meaningful time spent with one another as well as with their two daughters for anything in the world. But at the same time, they say they’re also thankful for a fresh new perspective gained on why they fell so deeply in love with curling in the first place.

Said the formidable husband-and-wife team, they’re thankful to have had another professional career season come knocking at their door – which is not a thing either of them take for granted.

And what a way to get back into the business too.

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