Curling Coach Apologises For Rant

By Ben Hamill - February 20 2020

Curling Coach Apologises For Rant

Curling coach Dan Carey became so flustered at having been ordered by an official overseeing the Canadian women’s curling championship to wrap it up as he was about to run out of time to speak to his team during a timeout, that he responded to the request by barking back a quick “shut up” in the woman’s direction. The 65-year-old curling coach and father of Team Canada skip Chelsea Carey could be heard telling the official that he just got here and that there was no way he was out of time, and that she should just shut up, all on camera.

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Carey, who has since apologised to the relevant female official, was at the time in direct contravention with Curling Canada policies. The organisation has responded to the incident by confirming that what had happened had been addressed in the duly appropriate manner, and added that Curling Canada’s policy to not publicly announce fines or punishments to participants in events remains in place in this situation too.

Apology Accepted

The organisation furthermore confirmed that even though it doesn’t at all condone the actions of Carey as relevant to the particular incident, Carey’s personal apology has been accepted by the umpire at whom the comments had been directed.

World championship rules dictate that teams are only afforded one 60-second timeout per game. However, since the timeout period does not commence until such time as what the coach has reached the team, Carey wasn’t necessarily in the wrong at least as far as asking for more time was concerned.

But the flip side of the coin is that coaches often play a sneaky game of hanging about and taking quite a bit of time to reach the team in order to give team members more time to talk and plan amongst themselves. This can potentially lead to an unfair advantage, which is why this type of behaviour is grievously frowned upon.

Regretful Choice Of Words

Coach Carey has since issued his own explanation regarding the true state of affairs surrounding what had happened during the controversial incident, saying that he never intended to push any boundaries for personal gain or to upset anyone.

Carey does however feel that what with the available time to speak to a team during a time-out being as limited as what it is, the umpire should rightfully have allowed him to address his team instead of chipping in. But at the same time, he conceded that telling the umpire to “shut up” was probably not the right thing to do.

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