Gerrit Cole Causes Upset at Bookmakers

By Ben Hamill - January 01 2020


Bookmakers are excited. The type of excitement that’s generally only unleashed by the likes of MLB rainmaker Gerrit Cole being offered a nine-year deal to the value of $36 million. And yes, that’s $36 million per year. And indeed, the cause for the quick-action movement in oddsmaker-land is the doing of the New York Yankees, what with their having offered Cole the type of deal to prompt bookmakers in the direction of shortening 2020 MLB World Series odds.

29-year-old Cole did after all help the New York Yankees towards a World Series win in 2018, and very nearly managed a repeat stunt this year, missing a double whammy by a game only. The value of Cole’s contract, so say the experts, may at first glance appear to not outdo the one signed between the Phillies and Bryce Harper, but is in actual fact far better value when considered on a basis of average-value-per-year.

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First Off The Mark

The first bookmaker to have jumped on the announcement was PointsBet, going in on the shortening mere minutes after Cole’s offer was announced on ESPN by Jeff Passan. Needless to say, just about everybody followed ESPN’s lead.

But it’s not quite time yet to be deciding that “that was that” as far as the World Series odds for 2020 go. It’s true that Cole and also Strasburg are officially off the menu, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty more free agents running around; agents who all possess the capacity to, when signed by the right team, have the potential to cause a royal shake-up World Series odds-country.

Cole Not The Last Of “It”

Madison Bumgarner being a good case in point. 2019 marked the first year that Bumgarner pitched all throughout the entire season and whilst it’s true that he may have experienced somewhat of a slump in recent years, he’s obviously nearing a position of being good to go once more.

Madison Bumgarner did after all play a major role in helping San Francisco win a stellar total of 3 World Series titles since 2010. This is a player that’s far from being old news or “yesterday’s hero” and incidentally, he’s also a new free agent. Whoever picks Bumgarner or even the likes of Bumgarner; and there are many of those running around; will in all likelihood cause yet another stir in the land of the odds.

Time will reveal all.

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