CGA Supports Call To Legalise Sports Betting

By Ben Hamill - October 15 2019

The positives flowing from the legalisation of betting on single sports events far outweigh the possible concerns. This is the explanation offered by the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) when diluted to its most basic form as the reasoning behind its support of Windsor West liberal candidate Sandra Pupatello’s call for the amendment of the country’s criminal code so as to allow for the legal wagering of bets on individual sports events.

CGA President and CEO Paul Burns commented on the call for legalisation as rallied by Pupatello and said that the association fully supported the Windsor West candidate’s motion and said that the legalisation of single-event sports betting is something that the country’s provinces have been calling for, for many years now. Provinces all over the country, not unlike Windsor, would greatly benefit from legalisation in that Canadians will for the first time ever enjoy a safe and legal option in as far as betting on sports is concerned, whilst at the same time creating a significant boost to the local economy by creating jobs and a steady flow of income to provincial governments as well as communities country-wide.

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Billions Spent Illegally

The fact that Canadians already engage in sports betting, albeit completely illegal, is another issue for strong consideration in the greater scheme of things, says Burns. Some CA$10 billion is channelled towards the pockets of illegal bookmakers every year. These operations generally belong to organised crime entities and there’s no telling for what dubious means the proceeds are being used.

In addition to the money spent at local illegal bookies, some CA$4 billion is being spent on bets wagered at offshore bookmakers each year. Many Canadians are currently placing themselves in a position of extreme risk as a result of sports betting being a criminal offence in the country. Only about CA$500 million is wagered annually via legal local provincial sports betting Lottery products. Which in essence comes down to only a minute fraction of all money pushed into local betting on sports ultimately being beneficial to local economies in any way.

Safeguarding Canadians

Canadians are nothing other than honourable in their desire to bet on the outcomes of popular sports events such as the Stanley Cup or NBA finals. By enabling them to do so in a safe and regulated environment, provincial governments will not only be safeguarding local bettors, but will also drive enormous benefits in favour of local communities.

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