Luke Richardson Stays On As Canadiens Assistant Coach

By Ben Hamill - July 18 2021

Luke Richardson Stays On As Canadiens Assistant Coach

Luke Richardson will be continuing his journey as Assistant Coach with the Montreal Canadiens. The team has agreed to an extension of three years with Richardson. This move was announced the day after Dominique Ducharme was officially promoted to the role of Head Coach. To date, Ducharme has been serving as the team’s Interim Head Coach following the departure of Claude Julien who was fired on 24 February. Ducharme’s contract is also set to run for the next three years.

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A Strong History With The Team

In his role as Assistant Coach to the Canadiens, Richardson has proven himself to be more than worthy of the title. At one point, Ducharme had to hand the reigns over to Richardson after he tested positive for the coronavirus. The new Head Coach needed to isolate for 14 days, during which Richardson stepped up to lead the team.

During this period, Richardson acted as Head Coach for the third game of the Stanley Cup semi-final. By the end of the tournament, the Canadiens had won six games, and made their way to the final for the first time since 1993. At the time, Richardson said that he felt that all of the team’s players had a lot of character and that they played as hard as they could have, despite their efforts not always yielding favourable results. However, he was confident that the team would bounce back – and it did.

A Wealth Of Experience Behind Him

Outside of the Montreal Canadiens, Luke Richardson has been able to amass a wealth of experience throughout his career. Prior to joining this team, he helped to lead Team Canada to Spengler Cup titles, both in 2016 and 2017. A year later, in 2018, he joined the Canadiens in the capacity of Assistant Coach. This followed an impressive four seasons as Assistant Coach with both the New York Islanders and the Ottawa Senators.

Even while he was filling the shoes of Head Coach during the Stanley Cup, Richardson showed a great deal of promise for a future in the top position. As Ducharme was recovering, he saw the Canadiens win 3 to 2 during overtime against Vegas. Following this, he led the team to victory over the Golden Knights too. With his experience, dedication and excellent coaching skills, the next three years are sure to be bright for the Montreal Canadiens.

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