Canadian Woman Wins 4,800 KM Bike Ride

By Ben Hamill - July 13 2021

Canadian Woman Wins 4,800 KM Bike Ride

Leah Goldstein, a 52-year-old Canadian, has become the first woman to ever win the Race Across America! Her history-making feat involved cycling 4,800 kilometres in just 11 days, three hours and three minutes. From Vernon, B.C., the cyclist is one of only three people to have completed this year’s event. Numerous other participants dropped out due to high temperatures stretching across the country. Nevertheless, Goldstein’s closest competitor finished 17 hours after she did.

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Physical And Mental Grit

While being in peak physical condition certainly goes a long way in completing the 4,800-kilometre event, Goldstein is adamant that it requires both physical and mental grit. She says that it takes about 40% physical effort and 60% mental effort. The event’s winner said that for most riders, the race doesn’t actually begin until they reach the halfway mark, and that by Kansas, your body is most likely already drained. She added that Kansas is tough because you’re already physically exhausted, and you know that there is still another 2,000 kilometres to go until you’re finished.

Goldstein is the first to admit that completing the Race Across America will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions that you need to be mentally prepared for – something which she says is a huge endeavour. While riding through numerous states, participants will find themselves in various states of emotions and in unimaginable pain that they need to push through.

Return To Normalcy

After her epic feat, Goldstein says that she is only now starting to return to feeling more normal. However, she admits that she probably has a good few more weeks to go, especially considering everything that she has been through.

Her race started in Oceanside, California, and continued on to Annapolis, Maryland. This ride entailed over 51,000 vertical metres across 12 different states, all through a heat wave that resulted in searing temperatures. This was a far cry from the conditions she had previously endured when she first completed the Race Across America in 2019.

Back then, she had to battled rain, hail and cold weather. At the time, she was not equipped with the correct clothing. This time around, she prepared for the colder water, but instead, was bombarded by a heat wave as she rode through the desert.

According to Goldstein, even in her toughest moments, she was able to push through thanks to her supportive crew who was there for her right from the get-go.

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