CA Pledges $15M To Amazon Fire Fight

By Ben Hamill - August 29 2019

CA Pledges $15M To Amazon Fire Fight

Raging fires are ripping through South America’s Amazon forests and, says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it would be completely unrealistic of anyone to assume that this particular occurrence is exclusively an act of nature and part of any of earth’s natural cycles. Trudeau then went on to make available $15 million in monetary aid as well as the use of the country’s water bombers in order for Brazil to remain standing as it navigates what was previously described by American space agency NASA as being “an extreme fire season”, in reference to 2019.

Minister Trudeau presented his opinion on the matter as well as the offer in terms of the aid during the closing statements of the G7 Summit, which summit was hosted by France. French President Emmanuel Macron managed to include the fires currently ripping through the Amazon as of vital importance on the G7 agenda, literally during the last minute of the summit.

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Help from Across the Globe

Since the conclusion of G7 help has been offered from all corners, and France has proved itself to be an active role player in providing aid to the region. The country pledged military aid to Brazil and surrounds in order to kick-start a major fire-killing initiative.

The immediate need involves rallying forces able to provide specialised fire-fighting brigades and water bomber planes, said Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who spoke alongside the French President at the summit. President Pinera played a significant role in persuading his South American regional neighbour countries to get on board in terms of accepting that the fires are the result of human activity and therefore needed to be treated as such.

Offer On the Table

Brazil has yet to accept Canada’s offer of aid and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continued to downplay the issue around the fires, saying that South America regularly witnessed fires of this magnitude.

President Bolsonaro’s refusal to accept the situation for what it is strangely resembles that of a man who feels threatened in terms of having to accept some form of personal liability for a national disaster. He is obviously not capable or willing to accept the magnitude of the problem in that the biodiversity of the region now plagued by the fires must enjoy priority attention, as they are practically the planet’s lungs.

Canada has seen its own share of an increase in forest fires, with an incredible 644 fires having raged through Alberta this year alone. Statistics released by provincial government suggest that by the end of June, some 803,393 hectares of Canadian forestland had been destroyed and burnt up by runaway wild fires.

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