Brandon Carlo Re-Signed To Bruins For Six Years

By Ben Hamill - July 16 2021

Brandon Carlo Re-Signed To Bruins For Six Years

It’s official: Brandon Carlo has been re-signed by the Boston Bruins. The new deal will see the defenceman signed to the NHL team for at least another six years. The player’s extension cost a whopping $24.6 million – a sum which Carlo says is not going to rush him out to buy anything flashy or expensive. However, he did say that being able to secure a long-term commitment with the team was a huge compliment, especially because he feels confident that he will be able to use his new job security to help improve on his leadership skills.

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On The Road To Recovery

At 24-years-old, Carlo has scored three goals and one assist, with an average of 18 minutes and 43 seconds in ice time overall this season, which was his fifth in Boston. However, he was forced to miss most of March’s games because of an oblique muscle injury. Furthermore, the player had to leave the third game of the second-round play-offs when he was hit by Cal Clutterback, the Islanders forward. Carlo’s head went crashing into the glass.

The player has since confirmed that he is well on his way to recovery. He added that he has been feeling great and is almost completely back to normal and has been doing very well for almost two months now. He reassured fans that he had a speedy recovery, despite being unable to get back on his feet right away. He stressed that he understands how important it is for concussions to be taken seriously but that he is still young, sharp in mind and feels great in his body.

A Bright Future Ahead

Carlo alluded to the fact that this new contract will offer him a bright future and plenty of room for growth. After the deal was announced on Wednesday, he said that he has always felt like he has a little bit of leadership within him, and he looks forward to growing in that regard.

In 2015, he was a second-round draft pick. Towering over at six-feet tall and 227 pounds, he averaged 74 games within his first four seasons. However, due to a number of setbacks, he has played just 27 this year. Don Sweeney, General Manager of the Bruins, said that Brandon Carlo is a player who has grown into a fantastic defenceman within the team, and that he has emerged as an important leader both on and off the ice.

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