Brock Boeser Signs 3-Year Deal With Canucks

By Ben Hamill - September 19 2019

Brock Boeser Signs 3-Year Deal With Canucks

Brock Boeser will be Canuck-ing it up for 3 more years. The restricted free agent has signed a 3-year extension deal to the tune of US$17,625M with the Vancouver Canucks. The 22-year-old forward was forced to miss training camp on the weekend as a result of ongoing negotiations and had everyone at player camp base speculating about whether or not Vancouver would put forward a mutually beneficial deal to the young player.

The young Canuck is obviously very happy with the way in which the proceedings panned out as he shortly after the contract was signed and sealed posted a photograph of himself sporting his Canucks jersey and captioning it all off with the hashtag #cominghome.

Young Boeser’s US$17,625M deal translates to about US$5,875 annually.

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Boeser Is Probably Worth Every Penny

Boeser may come with a rather hefty price tag attached to his left shoulder but this doesn’t mean that the young player isn’t worth the money. He was after all club Canucks’ number 3 leading scorer during the previous season. Racking it up champion style appears to come naturally to the newest re-addition to the club, as evidenced by the 26 goals and 30 assists championed during 69 of last season’s games.

Boeser is young and feisty and just what is on order from the doctor in camp Canucks. The young player was picked 23rd overall by Vancouver in the 2015 draft and it now appears as if he may have been a pick even more valuable than what was previously assumed. Goals are money, after all, and if Boeser knows how to do anything then it’s how to push for points on the scoreboards.

Overcoming Injury Odds

Brock Boeser has had to overcome a string of personal challenges throughout the course of his journey to the top. He broke his back a couple of years ago, effectively terminating his initial rookie campaign. But despite the odds, the youngster made it back better and stronger than before, earning himself a Calder Trophy finalist nomination during the 2018 NHL season.

He during that same year was named an NHL All-Star Game MVP and has since grown even more as a player. The youngster is a role model to many young players all over and will in all likelihood enjoy a long and successful career with the Vancouver Canucks.

Here’s to many more years of overcoming extreme odds and living a very good life for it too.

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