Ex-Calgarian Bill Peters To Coach In Russia

By Ben Hamill - April 21 2020

Ex-Calgarian Bill Peters To Coach In Russia

Ex-Calgary Flames coach Bill Peters made a return to gainful employment and professional hockey recently. Peter’s was unofficially booted by way of a voluntary resignation from the Flames last year, following his supposed earlier habit of having struck players and the throwing about of racial slurs. He is now the official new coach of the Russian hockey club Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg.

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According to Peters, he too, not unlike just about everyone else, desires to become a better version of himself. Peters said during a recent video conference call with the Russian media that he has learnt from his experiences and that he regards himself to be a better human being for it. Peters at the time of the videoconference spoke of how the trying time he previously went through as a result of his own doing is no different from the difficult times that now prevail on a global level. The entire world is going to be better for it as people become more compassionate towards each other, as well as a great deal more patient with one another.

Looking Forward To A New Life

Due to widespread travel- and flight restrictions, it’s not yet entirely clear when exactly Peters can be expected to join Avtomobilist. But the Russian team’s new coach seems confident that once he is able to get around to fulfilling his new role, that he will do a good job for one or hopefully more full seasons.

As far as his journey with Calgary is concerned, it all came to rather explosive end for Peters after former NHL star Akim Aliu accused him of having on several occasions used racial language and slurs towards him (Aliu) during the 2009-2010 season. Aliu is of Nigerian and Ukrainian descent and he and Peters were at the time both with the Chicago Blackhawks’ top minor league affiliate in Illinois.

An Apologetic Resignation

As to various questions relating to why Aliu had waited all this time to come forward with the information, no further comments were to be had from Aliu’s lawyer, who is apparently based in Toronto. There was however an investigation conducted by the Flames following the allegations, as well as an apology from Peters to the team as well as to GM Brad Treliving for what Peters at the time referred to as “offensive language”.

Peters eventually resigned of his own accord on November 29 last year.

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