Bill C-218 Moves Forward With Royal Assent

By Ben Hamill - July 05 2021

Bill C-218 Moves Forward With Royal Assent

Currently Canada has a restrictive set of gambling regulations in place, allowing only parlay bets for sports betting. Single bets are entirely restricted, much to the ire of local bettors. But this is all set change with the much-anticipated Bill C-218. The Bill will officially allow single bets on all sporting events, completely revolutionising the local gambling industry. As it stands, Bill C-218 has finally been given Royal Assent.

Although Royal Assent doesn’t mean that the law changes are in practice, it can now be officially considered that regulations have been changed. Only one more step remains before Canadians may start engaging with sports betting in a whole new way.

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Becoming A Reality

It was Chief Justice Richard Wagner that provided royal assent. Though, prior to this a total of three readings of the Bill had already taken place in the senate. The final step now remaining will come courtesy of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who must set an official date for an order-in council. Once this has been done, Bill C-218 will become official, and local establishments will be allowed to offer the long-awaited single bets.

It has been a long road for the Bill to get this far, and many are still weary of last-minute challenges. After all, the previous time a similar attempt was made, in 2012 with Bill C-290, all seemed to be going well until federal elections rendered the incomplete process null and void. It doesn’t appear as if a similar disruption will occur on this occasion, but tensions are still high.

But according to Brian Masse, New Democratic Party MP, the process can now officially be considered over. He reaffirmed that although two previous attempts at a similar change in law failed, this attempt has gone the distance, and given the desired results.

Preparing For The Change

As Bill-C218 is on the verge of being put into practice, in Ontario various moves are being made to prepare for massive new opportunities. MPPs Wayne Gates, Lisa Gretzky, and Percy Hatfield have sent a letter to Premier Ford, urging that sports betting legislation be prepared. The three have said that the new laws will potentially create thousands of jobs in Ontario, but stress that local legislation must first be compiled.

Meanwhile, CEO of horse racing focused Woodbine Entertainment, Jim Lawson, has declared that he is thrilled with the Bill, and is more than ready to handle the upcoming changes.

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