Big Bang Molecule Finally Proven To Exist

By Ben Hamill - April 25 2019

A Big Has Arrived Day For Big Bang Theorists

Ever since the theory of the natural existence of the molecule thought to have been formed in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang was formulated in the early 70’s, scientists have been searching for signs of a natural occurrence of the molecule in space. The molecule was first recreated in a laboratory in 1925, but at the time, its existence was based solely on theory and speculation.

But the theory of everything is about to undergo a major shift thanks to the recent verified discovery, for the very first time in the history of man, of the elusive Helium Hydrate Ion (HeH+) in space. A nearby nebula, according to David Neufield, professor and astrophysicist at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, is the location of the momentous discovery.

The nebula, referenced NGC 7027, is a planetary nebula located about 3,000 light-years from planet Earth in the constellation Cygnus. The nebula is only about 600 years old, but according to Neufield, is scientists’ best bet of studying the naturally occurring molecule.

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Nebulae Explained

But what exactly is a planetary nebula? When some stars in the galaxy die, a massive explosion known as a supernova takes place. This is the most common occurrence. But in some other cases, stars will instead shed their surrounding shells of gas and become very small; typically the size of a small planet. These “planets” are also thought to be very dense. The cloud of gas that surrounds the diminished, dense star is referred to as a planetary nebula.

The nebula is lit by the star located at its centre, and NGC 7027 is one of the brightest “stars” or planetary nebulae in our own night sky.

A Theory Proved

The majority of scientists who support the Big Bang theory to the extent of the event having been the start of time and space as we know it, agree that it occurred roughly 13.8 billion years ago. Another important point of agreement is the fact that in order for the variety of elements in existence today to have been formed, there had to first have been a certain bonding of elements. That was when the theory of Helium having bonded with Hydrogen came to be.

But, all things being equal, a theory remains merely a theory until such time as an actual verifiable discovery has been made in support of what that theory purports to prove. Thanks to the recent discovery, we’re now one step closer to knowing where we came from.

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