Bieber & Binnington To Play For Charity

By Ben Hamill - January 06 2020

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Ontario native and superstar pop sensation Justin Bieber made the best of his time of having been “home for the holidays”, and in true NHL style too. Bieber celebrated the last stretch of 2019 by not only announcing his long-awaited return to music, but also having issued a challenge on Instagram that drew the attention of the country’s NHL fans.

The challenge issued by the pop star was directed at none other than St. Louis Blues netminder Jordan Binnington. It all started out with the Blues previous-season-rookie having challenged the homegrown singer to a shootout on the ice. Binnington’s social media challenge sought to engage a puck-loving Bieber to a best-of-10 shootout challenge that would see the goalie dye his hair to match Bieber’s own platinum blonde if the famous singer were to win the dare. Bieber however swiftly upped the ante by suggesting a 10 thousand dollar donation to a charity of the winner’s choice (by the loser of course!).

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Binnington To Say Yay Or Nay

Fans of Binnington now wait in anticipation on their goal-minding hero’s response to the 25-year-old Bieber’s counter-proposal. In addition to the donation to a charity of the winner’s choice, the Ontario singing sensation furthermore proposed that the entire thing be filmed. Fans of both stars; quite obviously; could not be more excited by the suggestion on Bieber’s part.

The Instagram photos posted by Bieber starring on the ice alongside his “childhood hockey buddies” even drew a reaction from rap superstar Drake, who reacted in mock-jealous fashion about not having been invited to the party by Bieber. Bieber is pictured alongside the likes of NHL superstars Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews and Tyson Barrie.

Bieber Not At All Bad On The Ice

As for the challenge bantered about between the singer and the Blues goalie, fans may be in for a surprise yet. Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner said after the coming-home pick-up friendly involving the singer that he (Bieber), “was actually better than I thought”. Marner was at the time of the star Leafs winger’s comment referring to the famous singer’s stick handling abilities on the ice.

The pop star and Ontario native is famously no stranger to playing the puck and is reportedly a commendable shot too, a skill that will obviously come in very handy should the challenge issued to Binnington be accepted by the star Blues goalie.

Bieber appeared very happy to have been able to catch up with hometown friends and NHL stars alike and married life certainly seems to suit the homegrown singer.

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