Bettor Wins $1.2 Million Backing Tiger Woods

By Ben Hamill - April 25 2019

Bet On Tiger Woods Pays Off Big Time

A decade plus ago, nobody would have as much as bat an eyelid about putting it all on Tiger Woods. But in the lead-up to this year’s Masters, betting anything more than a couple of bucks on Woods winning the tournament would no doubt have been the making of quite a few raised eyebrows. And yet, someone did. In fact, some one bet $85,000 on the likelihood of the previously considered to be fallen-hero of the golfing world’s chances of walking away the ultimate victor from this year’s Masters. And now, that someone is sitting pretty having just won $1,2 million because of what would have been considered a stark raving crazy bet.

Thanks to Woods’ comeback, which has been described as nothing short of a miracle, it turned out to be just about the best bet anyone could have made. And it’s been some time since Woods was regarded as anything worth betting on.

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Wasn’t Played By Ear

The information available to the winner may very well have included some details about Tiger Woods’ recent training regime, or even a pointer here and there about his having gotten his swing back; but most of what would have been available at the time of the bet having been placed at bookmaker William Hill, would have involved nothing short of fantastic speculation.

After all, this was the same Tiger Woods who during the few weeks leading up to the tournament still had failed marriage, DUI arrest for driving under the influence of sleeping medication, a failed marriage and subsequent divorce, and 4 major back surgeries written all over him. Not exactly a recipe for success; let alone winning one of golf’s major championships.

And yet, that is exactly what had happened.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

The winner of the $1,2 million in prize money, the largest single golf-bet payout in the history of the bookmaker, will reportedly travel to Vegas this weekend to collect the stellar prize money. William Hill’s Nick Bogdanovich says what happened is nothing short of the bookie having gotten its tail kicked, good and solid.

A bet is placed and money is handed over, said Bogdanovich, and refusing to accept isn’t an option, not after the line has been made available in anyway. And besides, who would have thought that Tiger Woods, despite being a golfing legend, would actually have been capable of making the come-back that he did? Apparently not William Hill, who is now 14 times out of pocket thanks to the 14-1 odds of the bet.

Congratulations on a crazy call well made appear to be in order.

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