Electric Cars Hampered By Lack Of Stations

By Ben Hamill - April 22 2021

Electric Cars Hampered By Lack Of Stations

British Columbian motorists are reportedly keener than ever to make the switch to electric cars. But a follow-up report by the Metro Vancouver Climate Action Committee explained why the adoption rate has been lagging. According to the findings of the report, one of the biggest setbacks for the electric car industry is a serious lack of charging stations.

The report focused primarily on condos and other multi-residential buildings, pointing out that many of these structures still lacked charging stations of any kind. This means that electric car owners residing in such an arrangement are put at a serious inconvenience. More telling is that, according to a 2016 census, roughly 62% of all residences in Vancouver are condos.

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A Serious Challenge

But these charging stations are not absent from apartment blocks for insignificant reasons. Werner Antweiler, a University of British Columbia professor, shed more light on the situation. He explained that in an effort to transform his own 61-unit block, which now has charging stations for a third of the units, the process had taken him more than three full years.

He elaborated that for him the process had been fun, but he also certainly didn’t downplay how difficult it had all been. He pointed out that before the installations could even begin, he had first had to get approval from 75% of the residents. A contractor then had to be hired, Antweiler continued, and an evaluation had to be performed in order to determine if the 15-year-old building was even capable of handling the additional power. All in all, Antweiler concluded, each of the 25 units that had been given charging stations had paid between $3k and $6k from their own pockets.

Though, it should not be forgotten that the EV rebate program, which is likely to be renewed, will refund the costs involved in Antweiler’s project.

Slow But Steady

Despite the hassles faced by the professor, the rollout of electric stations across British Columbia has been slow but steady. As it currently stands, there are around 2,500 public outlets across the province, with more on the way. Additionally, over the course of the rebate program in 2020, 377 more stations have been added.

The goal of having all cars in the province electric by 2040 may still seem a bit ambitious, but with 68% of Canadians saying that their next car will likely not have a combustion engine the situation is promising.

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