Return Of The ATP 500 Tournament Celebrated

By Ben Hamill - July 21 2021

Return Of The ATP 500 Tournament Celebrated

The world health crisis has had a devastating impact on sporting events, but now it seems as if the time of recovery is at hand. It has been announced that the ATP 500 tennis tournament will be going ahead this year, taking place between July 31st and August 8th. The venue in question is the Rock Creek Park Tennis Centre.

This is already great news for the tennis world in general, but more so that previously hinted at restrictions will not be in place. Word was that only 50% capacity would be allowed, in accordance with ongoing world health crisis restrictions. But it seems that this decission has been changed, with 100% capacity officially being given the go ahead.

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Updated Guidelines

However, 100% capacity is not being allowed with no consideration. National Park Services (NPS,) managing company of Rock Creek Park, announced that updated guidelines would be in place, aimed at keeping those in attendance at minimum risk.

Mark Ein, president of the Citi Open and CEO of MDE Tennis, made an official statement. He first declared that he is delighted to have been given permission to allow full capacity, and as such is thrilled to be inviting tennis fans to the Rock Creek Park resort. He went on to state that this was not just an exciting development for tennis, but for residents of Washington DC. He pointed out that, had half capacity been enforced, the players would have had to play with a major 40% reduction in pay for the match.

Nadal To Make A Comeback

Another big announcement for the tournament was the return of legendary player Rafael Nadal. Prior to his inclusion in the event tickets had already sold out in record time, taking into account that only 50% capacity had been available at that time. But now with Nadal in attendance, and the remaining 50% being unlocked, it is all but certain to be a packed stadium.

Riyad Mahrez, Manchester City star player, recently called Nadal a true champion, using him as an example of what it means to be the best of the best. He pointed out that Nadal had won the Roland Garros tournament 11 times but had been on the verge of losing on another occasion. Many would have been satisfied with 11 wins, Mahrez explained, but Nadal is the sort of athlete that will push himself to win, even at the brink of defeat, despite having already been the best 11 times in the past.

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