Will Jasey-Jay Anderson Try For Big No. 7?

By Ben Hamill - December 20 2019

Canadian Olympic snowboarding champion Jasey-Jay Anderson isn’t revealing anything regarding whether he plans on competing at a record 7th Olympic Games come 2020 Tokyo Japan. A few years ago Anderson became the country’s very first 6-time winter Olympian when he competed in PyeongChang.

Not only is Anderson Canada’s top snowboarder and very much the country’s pride and joy at winter sports, but its also true that no other Canadian has managed to do quite what Anderson has in terms of Olympic achievements over the course of the past 30-plus years. Anderson isn’t merely a men among men; he’s also a champion among men.

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First Alpine For Ontario

Every bit as exciting as the off-chance of the 42-year-old champion being up for competing at snowboarding on team Canada in Japan, is the fact that next year brings about another truly exciting first for the country in that 2020 will see the launch of an alpine snowboard World Cup event in Ontario, and for the very first time ever.

The build-up to the event highlights literally everything that is exciting about not only winter sports but particularly about snowboarding, at which Anderson is just about the best in the world today. The Canadian probably has his reasons for remaining mum on the topic but the hope is that he will be making an announcement; and preferably in the affirmative; real soon.

Anderson did some time ago let on some details concerning his overall future in the sport, or at least his future as he sees it from his own point of view. What he chose to reveal during that interview does sadly lean towards his imminent retirement from sport, but here’s hoping the announcement won’t be coming for some time yet.

Old Age Is Catching Up

According to the Olympic Games champion, he won’t be in a position to keep at it at Olympic levels for much longer, mainly due to his body now having grown older and not able to withstand the wear and tear quite in the same way that he was able to do when younger.

He did however ad that he certainly remained motivated and that that motivation stemmed mainly from his being able to still predict some outcomes accurately and with spot-on precision. Hopefully this ability to predict what may come and what the games may bring will prove motivation enough to prompt Anderson towards competing for at least one final time and bring home the Olympic snowboarding gold.

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