2019’s Top 5 Game-Changing Sports Gadgets

By Ben Hamill - January 21 2019

2019’s Top 5 Game-Changing Sports Gadgets

Be it at a professional or personal level, sports and technology go hand in hand. Technological advancements have allowed athletes, sportspeople and home fitness enthusiasts to take more control over their bodies and their health than ever before, and 2019 is set to be packed with helpful gadgets for these people to take advantage of.

Health-focused tech has become a major part of Canadian athletes’ lives, and has been mentioned in countless interviews as a result – but these innovations aren’t just for the best of the best. Here are the top 5 gadgets that are expected to transform the world of sports and fitness in 2019.

#1: Metabolic Measurement Devices

Sportsmen and women often use ketogenic diets and carb limitation to help them build and maintain lean muscle mass. However, it can be difficult to know if you’re in ketosis without the advice of a nutrition professional – and that’s where the new device from Lumen comes in. This device analyses its users’ breath in the morning and uses this data to generate a personalized daily nutrition plan based on each individual’s goals, fitness levels, and metabolisms.

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#2: Home-Based Boxing Systems

FightCamp is a new at-home gym system that is mobile, compact, and easy to use in homes of any size. It boasts motivational workouts and classes led by world leading trainers, which are combined with premium boxing equipment, including a smart punching bag and matching gloves. You can even track your own performance using the brand’s real time Punch Trackers, which are located in the gloves!

#3: Personalized Water Filtration

Mitte Water Filtration System

Any professional sportsperson will tell you that water is just as important as the food you eat in terms of fitness. Mitte has taken this to a whole new level with its water filtration system, which uses mineral cartridges to remove harmful chemicals in your water and replace them with natural, healthy minerals and trace elements. You can even personalize this process by choosing the desired pH of your water – and best of all, the system is great for the environment too.

#4: VR Meditation Technology

All training and no rest is a recipe for disaster. Healium makes downtime easier to achieve by recreating ‘visual mindfulness experiences’ using virtual reality and real time EEG feedback systems. Researchers have found that Healium’s tech is able to slash anxiety levels in a matter of minutes, and can also impact gamma asymmetry, which is associated with more positive moods.

Sleep-Improving Heeadband by Philips

#5: Sleep-Improving Headbands

Last but not least is a gadget for those who need healthier, more restful sleep. Dream is a digital headband that uses modern technology to offer features like guided meditations and breathing tutorials to help you fall asleep. It even analyses your downtime via your brainwaves, and can enhance the quality of your sleep based on this information.

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