Canada Sports Hall Of Fame 2019

By Ben Hamill - June 01 2019

Canada Sports Hall Of Fame 2019

It’s an honour that befalls only but a few during the course of a lifetime. And it celebrates a lifetime’s worth of achievement in sports. We’re referring of course to the Canada Sports Hall of Fame. Olympic City in Calgary plays the perfect host to this particular party and its a museum of true achievement that is very often under-visited. And really, it’s not as if a lack of imagination was let loose anywhere near the interior in terms of true-to-theme decorations. There is after all, to name only but a few of the instalments, a life-sized bronze representation of the Northern Dancer, the oars of the rowing champion Silken Laumann, and even a recreation of Steve Podborski’s ski boots – in bright red of course.

The venue speaks volumes about Canada as a country, and the importance of sports in Canada. It’s a testament to Canadian pride and perhaps even more significantly, the fact that Canada is a country that embraces not only one or two sports (as is the case in so many other countries all over the world) but all sports.

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A Sense Of Purpose In Sports

The President and CEO of the Hall of Fame, Cheryl Bernard, recently summed it up quite eloquently at the time of the inauguration of the Hall of Fame Class of 2019. Bernard said that the Hall of Fame’s connection with sport is an emotional one; one that celebrates sport as having a definite sense of purpose.

Cheryl Bernard, herself an Olympic silver medallist, is committed towards raising the profile of the Hall of Fame. Bernard has occupied her current position for exactly one year now, and is often heard commenting on the fact that what is most special about the Hall of Fame is that it celebrates true diversity in sport too. The culture of the celebration, according to Bernard, is one that extends from grassroots to international podiums.

Class Of 2019 Mostly Female

This year, quite notably, five of the eight new inductees into the Canada Sports Hall of Fame, are female. Marathon swimmer Vicky Keith is there, as is Olympic rower Guylaine Bernier. Paralympics athlete Colette Bourgonje is an addition that is bound to bring joy to many of her supporters. Bourgonje was, in addition to her cross-country skiing prowess, incidentally also the very first physical education graduate at the University of Saskatchewan, to have been in a wheelchair.

There are, of course, many others worth noting too. At the end of the day, inclusion in the Canada Sports Hall of Fame is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon any Canadian athlete, and the class of 2019 is a well-deserving one indeed.

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