Yong Kwon Named 2020 WSOP.com POY

By Ben Hamill - February 04 2021

Yong Kwon Named 2020 WSOP com POY

American-based online Poker grinder and phenomenal player Yong “LuckySpewy1” Kwon has been named the 2020 WSOP.com Player of the Year. The 31-year-old, who is a resident of New Jersey, received $10,000 in cash prize money as part of his reward, along with a coveted WSOP.com Player of the Year ring.

Kwon certainly has been living the dream. Not only was he named WSOP.com Player of the Year, but he’s also a WSOP bracelet winner for his points table-topping performance in the 2019 WSOP Event #7: $400 No Limit Hold’em Online, which victory saw him pocket a well-deserved $165,263.

What’s more, in addition to his WSOP.com achievements, the young Poker master has in the past claimed several partypoker US online titles – most recently including the 2020 WPT Online Borgata Series’ Event #2.

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All About The Player

Yong Kwon first moved to the U.S. with his family from South Korea when he was a boy of only 10 years old. He’s resided in New Jersey ever since, and says he first became interested in learning how to play Poker after he watched the WSOP and High Stakes Poker on TV.

Kwon says this led him to believe that professional Poker players had a certain sense of being “cool” about them. While he says he’s from a very young age wanted to grow up to become a professional Poker player, he for a very long time hid this desire from his parents and from the world. Kwon says his parents would often tell him how they knew a player who had lost everything by gambling away all their money.

But Kwon continued to feed the dream, and by the time he reached college, he was tabling non-stop Full Tilt Poker #10-$25 games from the comfort and privacy of his dorm room.

Kwon Hatches A Master Plan

During his time in college, the young Korean soon came up with an idea he believed would allow him to spend an extra year giving online Poker a try. He hatched a plan that would see him finish his college degree in three years, instead the usual four.

This he achieved by working non-stop at finishing his college education while taking classes even over the warm summer months, and going to class from 9 in the mornings until 9 in the evenings. His plan worked, and by the time he graduated only 3 years later, he had a GPA score of 3.7. Kwon had officially earned his right to pursue full-time online Poker.

The young Poker ace is married and is dad to a 17-month-old son. He says he hopes to play more live Poker as soon as this becomes a possibility.

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