WSOP Main Event May Make History Yet

By Ben Hamill - July 10 2019

WSOP Main Event May Make History Yet

Who here dares challenge the Poker supremacy of the WSOP? And if anyone had this somewhere hidden in the back of their minds, they had better reconsider their view on the matter. The WSOP $10,000 No-Limit Main Event has always been a top date on the annual calendar, but this year beats them all. The recent 5,000 player registration field for Day1-c smashed pushes the total number of entries for this year’s main event to well over 8,000 in total.

Currently, this is the making for a overall 2nd place record in terms of numbers. But there’s more! The all-time record may be smashed to bits yet as late registrations remain open for a couple of days yet. And in the famous words of just about every history great: anything can happen. And knowing what we know about the WSOP, it probably will.

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Shaking Up The Rio

It’s common knowledge that you cannot do great things without a number of unprecedented and even strange happenings being present in the mix. In true WSOP style, try an earthquake for size! Oh and then there was not only Phil Ivey’s participation, but also having been eliminated very early on. We’re talking within the very first hour. Now if that isn’t a combination of stuff that is the making of a real twilight zone day, then heaven knows what is.

To round it all off, the strangeness was made even stranger by the fact that the day also bore witness to a pair of player disqualifications. What a time to be alive indeed.

Dubious Duo Sent Packing

The two disqualifications of the day included none other than Georgii Belianin. Belianin must have been miles away in terms of distraction because his ousting was based on the fact that he had reached across the table and picked up a fellow player’s stack of chips. Needless to say, everyone seated at the table looked on in absolute shock and horror, with just a tinge of dark amusement.

The second of the two disqualifications trumped Belianin in terms of the profoundly crazy. The unidentified man for some reason stacked a flop when it wasn’t even his turn, then ceremoniously got up from the table, pulled down his pants and mooned everyone who dared to look at him.

Perhaps the man should be hailed as a record-holder of a different kind.

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