WSOP Circuit To Hit Bicycle Casino On November 30th

By Ben Hamill - November 18 2019

A bout of fantastic news on the competition Poker front is that the legendary World Series of Poker Circuit will be making its return to the famous Bicycle Casino in California at the end of November. The event promises to be a Poker extravaganza like nothing before it and a stunning total of 13 gold rings will be up for grabs across the various events.

This year’s WSOP Circuit series will kick off on November 30th and will run all the way through December 15. The event is open to players all across the United States and a massive attendance is expected to turn out at the legendary venue. The first of the events, Event #1, will commence at 10am on the morning of November 30 and has been confirmed as a No-Limit Hold’em gold ring event. The buy in has been set at a not-too-pricey $333 with an additional fee of $70 applying across the board to all of the events forming part of the circuit gold ring series. The $75,000 guaranteed prize pool is sure to place a smile on any player’s dial.

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Day One – Two Events

Event #2 will commence later during the same opening day and will offer a 15,000 starter stack complete with an automatic re-entry to a total of the 6 first levels. The second event will follow the rules and format of No-Limit Hold’em Bounty.

Both events will be hosted as gold ring events, as will the remainder of the sessions forming part of the 2019 Bicycle Casino series of events. Players flock towards gold ring and gold bracelet events as these ensure an immortality of sorts in Poker’s history books. European Poker Tour events are near unrivalled in terms of popularity and attendance.

The Highlight Is The Main Event

The ultimate is without a doubt the Main Event, set to get underway on December 8th. Consisting of two starter flights, the Main Event will span the remainder of the days up until December 15th. The buy-in is fixed at $1,700 and the event will follow the No-Limit Hold’em format.

Registrations will follow a more casual approach than what is usually the case, with more leeway being granted for entering all round. Registrations are expected to remain open and available until such time as what level 13 has been reached on every opener. Those players skilful enough to make it all the way through Day 2 will get to come back on Day 11 and participate in playing the winner. The final table will be live streamed by Live at the Bike.

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