Alex O’Brien Plays Poker For Charity

By Ben Hamill - January 31 2022

Alex O’Brien Plays Poker For CharityIf the name Alex O’Brien rings a bell, it’s because the writer was supposed to go head-to-head with Dan Bilzerian. In December 2020 she earned the right to play against him, having won the GGPoker promotional event. This matchup has yet to be arranged, leaving many scratching their heads as to what Bilzerian does. Regardless, O’Brien has managed to get something out of the failed promise by GGPoker. She went head-to-head with Americas Cardroom (ACR) ambassador Vanessa Kade. Though, in this case the Poker was strictly for charity.

It seems as if ACR was well aware that Bilzerian left O’Brien high and dry, and sought to make the most of the situation. A best of three was organized, allowing the writer a chance to at least get some satisfaction out of the blunder. She didn’t win, with Kade emerging victorious with 2 games to 1. But at least some fun was had in the process.

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$5,000 went to the British Columbia Society for The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, and another $5,000 to the Campaign for Female Education.

A Spirited Round Of Poker

It was clear from the beginning of the charity event that the writer was unlikely to win. The lady even admitted to being nervous before heading into the action. Kade is, after all, a Poker superstar. Regardless, the rounds turned out closer than might have been thought. Game 1 was closely fought, coming down to the wire. O’Brien won Game 2 convincingly, making it seem like the underdog might come out on top.

It all came down to Game 3, and for much of the round it appeared that Kade would be bested by an author. However, an ill-timed bluff more or less sealed the deal. Thankfully, no real money was on the table. It was the charities that were the real winners, and they were thrilled to be on the receiving end of the $5,000 payouts.

The End Of The Dilemma

But the elephant in the room can’t be ignored. Bilzerian still hasn’t lived up to a now years old promise. Some assume that this marks the end of the road, and that he will never actually make an appearance. O’Brien, on the other hand, is making it clear that she is still ready to go head-to-head.

The odds are that the official matchup will never actually happen. But if it did, chances are that most onlookers wouldn’t be backing the man who shirked a promise for so many years.