Poker Fans Get Ready For WPTDeepStacks

By Ben Hamill - April 15 2021

Poker Fans Get Ready For WPTDeepStacks

Grand excitement happens to be headed in the direction of Poker players and fans alike this summer. The World Poker Tour will this year make a return in its online form, with this year’s edition of the beloved tour set to include several big-money tournaments, including the popular WPTDeepStacks.

The annual event is traditionally made up of several high-profile Poker tournaments, with thousands of Poker enthusiasts every year waiting in high anticipation for the action to commence. Competing against some of the best players the world of Poker has to offer is again on the cards this summer, and despite a strange new reality of physical distancing, the tour is set to make its mark in grand fashion once again with the return of the flagship WPTDeepStacks event.

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A Poker-Filled July

July will be dominated by the beloved event, with the best in WPTDeepStacks action set to kick off on July 2 and scheduled to run all the way through July 21st.

The first tournament of the event, the WPTDeepStacks Online Mini Main Event, will be competed on July 3. The contest will kick off at 7:05 pm and will continue until around 11:10pm. The buy in for the prize event has been set at a cool US300+30 buy-in.

This year’s day 1 will span three separate dates. 1B will be played on the second day of the tourney, July 4, with 3C set to follow on Monday, July 5. The third and final instalment will commence slightly earlier than the initial two days of play, with the action set to get underway already at 3:05pm.

The mini event will conclude on July 7, after which the winner will be announced.

The Premium Main Event

Then, after a short pause, the action will continue once the WPTDeepStacks Online Main Event commences on July 11.

Day 1, not unlike the format of the mini event, will span a total of three days, with Day 1 A1 set to start at 7:05pm. The anticipated buy-in has been announced as US$1,500+150, with re-entries on offer to players who joined the action on Day 1. As for Days 1B and 1C, these will be hosted on July 18 and July 19.

Also hosted online this year due to ongoing health and safety protocols was the WPT Montreal 2021.

The premium Poker tour kicked off on January 17 and ran all the way through Feb. 1. Prizes to the phenomenal value of a sweltering CA$2 million were on the go in return for a reasonable CA$3,200 buy-in.

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